The Pareto Black Report

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  • 1.9 mil Paretos account for 43% of household incomes, earning twice more than average
  • Overall more content with life and more likely to recommend Romania as a country to live in.
  • Heavier users of streaming platforms than TV
  • Online shopping channel incidence is #1 or #2 in all investigated categories
  • 83% of Early Adopters are found in the Pareto population.
  • 5 Pareto subtypes identified. The “YOLO/FOMO” subtype which is defined by freedom and experimentalism is the most optimistic about life and positive about living in Romania.
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The Pareto Black Report – the most complete version of the report available, including all the information and data from the reports above. But on top of that, the Black Report includes the motivational subtypes with all the detailed information about them. This makes it one of the most powerful multi-purpose tool for targeting, portfolio strategy, innovation and generally winning in the above-average priced half of most consumer markets.


Get deeper insights from motivational profiling of the Pareto Population, recognizing that motivations are superior predictors of attitudes and behaviors.

Rich insights into the portraits of different typologies within the Pareto Population

  • A% of the Population
  • B% of the Spending
  • Socio-demographic characteristics
  • Lifestyle, needs, attitudes, behaviors
  • Needs mapping consistent with specific Benefits
  • Detailed profiling

We used advanced needstates segmentation to understand sub-types of the Pareto Population

The Needstates segmentation is well grounded
The model is founded in the psychanalytic theories of Adler & Jung which maintain that human attitude and behavior are largely driven by unconscious needs – the roots of any thoughts, desires and impulses.

It is solid and time-tested
The analysis frame is built upon the 8 universal needs, cascaded down in 24 needstates (easy to grasp statements). They were formulated through a complex qualitative process and dimensioned with robust samples, always using projective techniques to get the truthful answers.

It is universal
The Needstates Model transcends time and cultures, so it can be followed through time and geographies.

Pareto sub-types – size & detailed portraits available in the Black version of the  Report.

The Pareto Black report includes a detailed perspective of the Pareto Population with deep dive data about the 5 motivational subtypes that make up the Pareto segment and a comprehensive Innovation Adoption chapter.

  • Their profiles
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  • Living in Romania
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  • Their wallets
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  • Key categories
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  • Early Adopters & Early Majority
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  • Motivational typologies
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The Pareto White Paper Report

A streamlined but comprehensive portrait of the Pareto Population in Romania, the English language version.

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The Pareto Gold Report

A multi-faceted portrait of the Pareto Population in Romania and a full chapter on Innovation Adoption.

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The Pareto Black Report

A full portrait of the Pareto Population including deep dive into 5 motivational subtypes and the Innovation Adoption chapter

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